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I want to see you crush your goals and feel your best.
I will meet you at your current fitness level,
Show you how to overcome limitations,
Increase your energy,
Eliminate pain,
Improve your posture,
Refine your nutrition,
and change your body composition.

With flexible options…

Types of TrainingOne-on-One In-Person TrainingOnline Personal Training
Local to Coon Rapids, MN
Regular scheduled times, holds you accountable
Mix of bodyweight and exercises using a variety of equipment
Flexible timing, fit in workouts anytime
Focus on body weight exercises and the equipment you have at home
Personalized exercises targeting your goals
Individualized coaching
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And a track record of success…

Michelle MaustMichelle Maust
17:20 20 May 24
Bennett is an experienced trainer who me and my husband have worked with. Highly recommend!! His workouts are customized so you get the most out of them and he will work with the time you have available even if it’s only a few minutes at a time
shawn liberskyshawn libersky
13:17 12 May 24
Great to work with. Very knowledgeable.
21:46 07 May 24
Working with Bennett has been excellent. He is professional, well-prepared, considerate, and highly motivating. Bennett meets you where you are and guides you toward your fitness goals, no matter your starting point. His communication is top-notch, and he ensures accountability with regular check-ins. He has designed a solid workout regimen, complemented by thoughtful lifestyle recommendations, which have significantly contributed to my fitness improvements. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals!
Scott SmethersScott Smethers
16:03 22 Apr 24
Been working with Bennett for a couple of months now, and his program is succeeding! I'm down a significant amount on the scale and making great progress towards my goals. The training and nutrition plans have been flexible and accommodating for both my schedule and lifestyle.
Debra SmithDebra Smith
18:02 06 Apr 24
Bennett is the real deal. His commitment to his clients is second to none. He makes you feel like you are the only client he has. He customizes his approach and your workouts to meet you where you are at. He is incredibly professional, knowledgeable and understanding. He really wants you to be successful and achieve your goals yet understands when life gets in the way and throws you a curve ball. His facility is spotless, everything is branded and meticulous. I highly recommend Bennett and Answers Not Excuses.
Joseph CarmackJoseph Carmack
05:03 09 Mar 24
Doing the 12 Week challenge - has been great! Appreciate the app for tracking foods and exercises are just right.
Grace SandersGrace Sanders
03:45 24 Feb 24
Bennet is a professional, kind and patient trainer. He is extremely knowledgeable, he’s great at motivating and he was always there to answer my questions!
Connie KosConnie Kos
03:07 23 Feb 24
02/22/2024: I'm 60 yo and have been training with Bennett twice a week since July 2021. Last September I fell and broke my left fibula above my ankle while vacationing. After taking some weeks off to heal, I got back into working with Bennett on my recovery. It's going great! I'm back to playing pickleball! Thank you so much!So far I've had a positive experience with Answers Not Excuses fitness training. Bennett Dahl is very knowledgeable in planning the right exercise for me. He is professional and sincerely wants to help me with my fitness journey. I highly recommend.
13:18 22 Feb 24
Answers Not Excuses created by Bennett is absolutely amazing. I’ve had other personal trainers, but no one as dedicated and responsive as Bennett is. He inquired about my goals and then designed a personalized workout and nutrition plan for me. He’s responsive and incredibly transparent about expectations, pricing, etc., and he offers supportive guidance without being too pushy. If you’re looking for a personal trainer, look no further than here. I highly, highly recommend.
Brad PeetBrad Peet
15:29 12 Feb 24
I have been working with Bennett for a couple months now. I have been very happy working with him. I can workout at home at a time that fits my schedule using his App to track my progress is great. Thank you for all your help Bennett
Todd GoldwasserTodd Goldwasser
01:10 07 Feb 24
Just started working with Bennett and all is great. Love his program and his attention to his clients is exemplary.
Lisa MillerLisa Miller
15:59 06 Jan 24
It has taken me a long time to find a trainer who would listen to me about what I was looking for and wanting to achieve. Bennett took the time to have that conversation and truly listen. I was looking to build strength, improve my balance and to feel better physically and mentally. He provides me with a personalized workout, videos for correct body mechanics and makes himself available for questions. I honestly look forward to my workouts. It's been 1 month and I have noticed a definite improvement in my overall general health. If you are ready to improve your life and health, please give Bennett a call.
Andrew BrollAndrew Broll
19:43 13 Dec 23
I am glad to be eating healthier and training muscles that have been left neglected for far too long. I feel better and appreciate the mobile app used to track all my eating and exercises. Bennett is there if I have any questions or need help.
Stacy HubbardStacy Hubbard
16:39 13 Dec 23
I would highly recommend Bennett as a trainer. He customized a training plan based on my injuries and physical limitations and goals that was very successful for me that has immensely improved my quality of life. I’m stronger, leaner, and healthier! He is motivating, patient, kind and also has a great sense of humor!
Shanon MurphyShanon Murphy
14:08 27 Nov 23
Bennett is great, he genuinely cares and takes the time to get to know you, and what your goals are. Also, I greatly appreciate that he writes down my workouts when we are not training together. Great results physically, and mentally. Highly recommended 💪🏻~Shanon
Chrizzy WrightChrizzy Wright
05:50 27 Nov 23
Bennett is a consistent and dedicated nutrition and fitness professional. Just like his business name, he doesn’t take no for an answer and strives to prioritize his customers overall well-being. His passion for this work is obvious and his clients benefit from his approach.
Ken DuHadwayKen DuHadway
18:06 16 Nov 23
Bennett is a great fitness instructor and I always felt he cared about my progress. He's not afraid to push you to the limits but it was never more than I could handle. I highly recommend anyone that's serious about getting back in shape or working to achieve a particular fitness goal to give Bennett a try.
Liz O'BrienLiz O'Brien
15:55 15 Nov 23
Bennett did a great job at setting a workout regime that best met my desired fitness goals. Results were achievable and nothing was ever redundant. He has a genuine care about people and wanting them to succeed in living healthier.
Eric OdegardEric Odegard
15:21 15 Nov 23
I have been training with Bennett 5 days a week for over 15 years and he always has been great to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and exercise, tailoring workouts to your personal needs. If you are in pain, he will help guide you through exercises that you can do to relieve your pain and strengthen your body. Highly recommend!
Chris OlsonChris Olson
12:04 05 Nov 23
I originally met Bennett many years ago searching a Craigslist ad for a personal trainer for hire. Today I would not recommend seeking a trainer that way, however, it had turned into a great experience for me. It has been great to watch him expand his business and family. Bennett is very knowledgeable, patient and goal focused with me. Bennett would customize workouts tailored to me. He was very flexible with meeting indoors or out at a park. I would highly recommend Bennett’s services to anyone.
Sarah SwensonSarah Swenson
01:18 11 Oct 23
******* UPDATE *******I’ve been training with Bennett for about 4 months now and want to share that the results I’m seeing already are beyond anything I felt was possible.I had been to multiple doctors looking for help with some pain I was having that just wouldn’t let up. It was suggested by both that the 1st step was to take anti-inflammatories for two weeks. I may have been a terrible patient, but I just didn’t want to take pills to see if it helped. I wanted to fix it so I didn’t need to take pills. I had also asked about some weight gain and felt a little brushed off both times with the response, “Well, that can happen as you age.” In the moment, I didn’t think to question any of it further. Plus, hearing the same thing from different people sort of felt like that was likely my answer. Essentially, I was ready to just accept my new pain and new weight gain as symptoms of getting older.Now that I’ve been shown I could get actual results - no more pain AND am down close to 15 lbs since working with Bennett AND eating better - it’s a little sad that I was feeling that way. I had tried real hard for several months to lose any amount of weight before my pain started and just had no luck. It wasn’t that I couldn’t lose weight and be pain free - I just had no clue what I was doing.Bennett took the time and cared to ask. He heard me when the doctors hadn’t. He collected the needed information, asked about my goals, created a plan to get me there, and has been educating me along the way. I highly recommend Answers Not Excuses if you’ve got any fitness and/or nutritional goals you’d like to reach. He’s very knowledgeable and wants to see you succeed.Bennett had the answers (not excuses) that I needed and I’m so thankful it worked out to train with him!—————————————————————Bennett is dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals and works hard to help you get there.I had asked for help improving flexibility. He shared information with me about it, asked questions for understanding, shared exercises with me to help reach the goal (in video form, which helped me feel like I was doing them correctly), and made sure everything made sense. This all was super helpful and I made more progress in the following month than I had the whole year before he helped me.Bennett is easy to talk to, willing to answer questions, and doesn’t make you feel bad about not knowing things. Communication along the way made it easy to tell he really cares about results.While he takes your goals seriously, he also has a fun sense of humor that keeps things light and stress-free.I would highly recommend Bennett for all of your training needs!
Kimberly NapolineKimberly Napoline
23:31 28 Sep 22
If you are considering an in-person and/or online trainer, look no further than Bennett! My husband and I both joined about a month ago and we are so happy with his training. First, he will take the time to assess where you are and address what type of programming will be most beneficial for you and your goals, not just a standard workout/nutrition plan. In addition, he is extremely responsive to messages and inquiries which totally helps for accountability and learning. He also utilizes an app where you can track diet and exercises that makes it so easy to follow. Overall, GREAT experience and as someone who does her research and has had trainers in the past that have been just okay at best, he is definitely a cut above and I would highly recommend to anyone looking to get themselves in overall better shape.
Jana HollerJana Holler
17:53 06 Sep 22
If you don't have time to go to the gym or meet with a trainer in person, this is a great way to get in your workouts on your own time and still get the results that you are looking for. Bennett is very attentive to your needs and gives you one on one tips and advice. I've always been active but I didn't do much strength training or stretching. His workouts have given me the results that I am looking for and I will continue to sign up for his online workouts.
Nancy RodgersNancy Rodgers
15:51 16 Aug 22
I've been working with Bennett for 17 years and one of the reasons I stick with training is that I needed the accountability for weekly workouts. I would frequently come up with excuses to skip a week or so but having a specific time to commit to working out with a trainer, really helped. Bennett customizes workouts and ensures I am doing exercises correctly so I can achieve my goals to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. I credit Bennett with the fact that I have strength and flexibility well into my 60's with no pain. He truly cares about his clients and gets results. Plus, he has become a friend and entertains you with his weird sense of humor .
L PhillipsL Phillips
15:57 20 Jul 22
Working with Bennett for only 1.5 weeks has already brought improvements to my strength and flexibility. He is amazing in his ability to help me reach the correct muscle groups, bypassing the limitations I have with arthritis, without causing pain. I am thankful to be working with him and am very hopeful I will get past the limitations I have now and will move on to being able to do everything I want. Bennett also explains everything so that I understand the fine nuances of the exercises. I have been big on fitness for over 50 years yet he has shown me things that I have never done before. Highly recommend training with Bennett.
Tristan HaseTristan Hase
12:41 20 Jul 22
Working with Bennett is incredible. He's helping me to achieve my physical health goals while also making me believe in myself once again.World Class from scheduling to equipment and beyond to building a great personal relationship. Bennet truly cares about his clients and their personal success.Again, World Class !!!
Bailey BondBailey Bond
20:11 19 Jul 22
I've been working with Bennett for a while and am very happy I made the decision to work with him. I have seen results a lot faster than when I was just trying to figure it out on my own. He knows how to push me to go farther and do more, but also knows when I've reached my limits and when to adjust things so I can do them and they are still beneficial.I think the best part about working with him is how much he builds your confidence. Not only with helping in the gym, but saying that he notices the progress. It really has helped me keep going knowing that at least one person can see the changes I'm making, and keeps pushing me to keep going.
Danielle OhnstadDanielle Ohnstad
11:41 07 Jul 22
Bennett is awesome! I was pretty unsure about online training, well training in general but he has been a gem! He checks up on you when you’re slackin’ and makes sure that you are on the same page when it come to what you want for your goals. He answers questions in a very FAST manner and he’s always kind and knowledgeable. Whether it’s good or fitness, he’s absolutely amazing! I’m glad that I’ve had him in my pocket!
Alicia VitalisAlicia Vitalis
17:48 05 Jul 22
Bennett has done a fantastic job of helping me recovery my mobility after an extended illness. He tailor made workouts for me when I was unable to stand on my feet. Now I am able to walk, climb stairs and even did 90 deadlifts last week! Thank you Bennett!
Diane FordDiane Ford
14:17 25 May 22
If you are looking for a fitness program with a personal trainer to help customized the workouts to fit your schedule and abilities, I highly recommend Bennett. I did his 8 week challenge and immediately noticed a difference in my strength and tone after the first week. The program was easy to follow and Bennett was very responsive to any questions I had. Even tho I've never met him personally (this was all virtual through emails, facebook and the app) I still felt like I had a personal trainer helping me along the way. Thanks Bennett!!
Calli SigfriniusCalli Sigfrinius
21:20 23 May 22
Being a nurse it is hard to join formal gyms or clubs as I never know when I will get off work. I love strength training but need direction. Answers not Excuses is a newly found gem for me. I can do the workouts when they work for me. Bennett is very responsive to questions. The workouts have been more than just strength but help with my balance and cardio. I have found something that fits and helps with my work life balance. Thanks Bennett
Heidi VeazeyHeidi Veazey
15:12 21 May 22
Bennett makes training with him so simple! With my crazy-busy life, that's exactly what I needed. You don't even have to log food; just take a pic and send to him if you want! EASY!! I also have joint issues due to arthritis and herniated disks. Bennett customized my plan while taking these into account. And, if you're like me with your day jam-packed and busy, the ability to just get in a quick workout over Zoom is priceless (although, his prices are super reasonable!). If you are here trying to decide if hiring Bennett as your personal trainer is right for you, my advice is to go for it! You have nothing to lose except inches, fat, and fatigue.

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