How Online Personal Training Works

I can help you develop advanced technique, even on a budget. This is me deadlifting with a bag with sand in it to add weight. Expensive gym equipment is not required.

Before We Start

Typically we will start with a consultation so I can learn about your goals, either in person if you’re local, or over the phone or a video call.

To schedule a consultation, either fill out my training application, or fill out my consultation form.

Movement Screening

I will base your online training workout programming on our initial discussion about your fitness goals, our regular check-ins, and based on your movement screens.

To complete movement screens, you will record yourself going through movements with any mobile phone, and then upload the videos to my trainer application.

Custom Programming

Each week’s custom workout programs are designed to:

  • accommodate your schedule, whether that meets more frequent shorter workouts, or less frequent longer workouts.
  • meet you at your fitness level, and make each workout challenging (but not too challenging) for you. You will rate each workout in my custom online training app and I will use those ratings to refine your next workouts.
  • work around any injuries or limitations you have. In addition to helping you meet your body composition goals, I want to help you live pain free by coaching you on how to stretch and use strength training to compensate for the stresses you put on your body at work, or in life.

Exercise Demonstrations

Every exercise I assign will have clear instructions accessible from right inside my custom personal training app. You’ll be able to view written and video instructions.

I’m adding new exercises all the time to keep your workouts interesting and fun.

An example of my in-app exercise instructional videos.

Nutrition Planning

I will provide nutritional guidance that is based on science and work with you on dietary restrictions to come up with a plan that fits your life and will achieve your goals.

Progress Check Ins

Depending on the plan you choose, our progress check ins will take a different format. No matter which plan, we will check in regularly and make adjustments over time.