What to Expect

One of the benefits of working out in my private fitness studio is I have a wide range of equipment that can adapt to any fitness level, like this air bike.


When we first meet we’re going to talk more in-depth about your goals, your past exercise experience and any injury or limitations you might have. Why they’re your goals specifically and set expectations as to what’s reasonable to expect to see with your goals now. Talking more in depth about program design and what it is I do to get my clients to their goals in a safe manner while working around any injuries or limitations they might have to take all of the guesswork out of this whole process for them.

Movement Screen

During our consultation we will be going through a movement screen that’s super easy and simple to help me assess where your body is currently at so I can explain to you in real time where we would need to start and why. If you’re comfortable with it we would also look at doing a body fat pinch test with calipers. If you’re going to be wearing shoes bring shoes that are clean that have never been worn outside to change into, otherwise socks will be just fine too for this!

Each In-Person Session

Each in person sessions is tailored to you.