Did You Lose Your Curiosity?

We’re curious by nature, born to explore, test our limits and ask questions. It’s easier to explore, test those limits, and ask those questions when you feel your best.

IF you don’t know, ask yourself what it might FEEL and be like to put your health first. Your best life is waiting for you.


Strength Training Correctly

Them: “The only thing that’s ever worked for changing my body composition is what we’re doing with strength training, and the changes I’ve made with my nutrition. I got dressed for work and on my way I had to stop and buy a belt because my pants were to loose!”

Me: “Exactly! When you want to change your body composition that’s what you need to do. Along with the other things we’ve done to get your body capable of doing that safely, and for the other conditioning stuff we’ve done as well.”

Long story short Mr. John Jingleheimer Schmidt, I CAN believe that.

PS: I laughed way to hard at this picture.


It’s All In The Details

Some concepts of improving your health (or most things) are very straight forward, like this picture. They generally make sense and when you say them a lot of the time they seem super easy.

  • Create a healthy calorie deficit to lose fat mass.
  • Get more sleep.
  • Drink more water.
  • Incorporate more fruits & vegetables daily.
  • Add lean muscle to lose weight fat, re composition your body and stay younger.
  • Move more than before.

I didn’t say anything earth shattering there. With YouTube and internet you’ve heard all of that and then some before. Everyone I know who makes what they do look easy has done so because they’ve been immersed in whatever it is they do for a long time. It still impresses me, but it doesn’t surprise me.

Everyone I currently train online & in person knows the concepts or can grasp them when presented in seconds. They just need help figuring out THEIR details. They’re busy and need someone whose immersed themselves in something for a long time to help them. That’s me.

They have a hard time to sticking to those concepts even when they know better without accountability.

Motivation Trainer Tip Tuesday

Strength Training & Body Composition

Think of your body as being composed of 2 kinds of weights.

Musculoskeletal and energy storage/fat mass. If you lost 10lbs of fat right now and gained 10lbs of muscle you would weigh the exact same but your body would shift 20lbs. You would literally take up less space as muscle is denser then fat.

When you strength train progressively and add muscle tissue over time you raise your resting metabolism that helps you keep fat off. By adding muscle tissue and creating A SAFE caloric deficit you can lower your body fat percentage.

It takes TIME to add muscle tissue with consistency of the right things overtime with your NUTRITION & EXERCISE.
The human body is the ultimate feedback tool. If you’re not getting the results you want, you’re likely not giving it the right instructions.

If you’re not getting the results you want, reach out and let’s review what you’ve been telling your body to do!


What’s bothering you currently, and what are YOU doing about it?​

The bodies the ultimate feedback tool, there’s a reason somethings happening or not happening. It took me 4 months to be able to do this again on my wrist. It’s almost back to normal but it’s still tighter then it should be. While I could keep working out and just modify things my wrist caused me to do things differently.

My shoulder and back started getting irritated because of things I couldn’t do at the time. I knew what was happening but my wrist would only allow so much. That was with me diligently addressing it.

What reoccurring issue do you have or prior injury you never actually addressed?

Contact me today and let’s get you healthy, and out of pain!


Keep Showing Up

There will generally always be chaos and you’ll probably have some fire to put out somewhere. Things will almost never be optimal. But if you continue to do what you can you’ll be surprised at how far that can take you.

Have you said any of these?

1. I just don’t know if now is the right time.

Well, when IS the right time to feel better and improve your health ? Perhaps during a pandemic?

2. Once I get through this week things will be better.

Sometimes this can be true, maybe it’s a finals week, you’re moving, or some hit the fan but if it’s just a blip on the map that’s no big deal. Otherwise most people say this and then repeat it…indefinitely.

3. Tomorrow/next week I’ll start.

The future can’t be “magical” if you don’t choose to make changes.

4. I can only be all or nothing.

Something will ALWAYS be better then nothing. Again, nothings usually perfect hence the pictures I posted with this. But I’ve learned a lot the past couple months with a nasty wrist sprain that I’m still battling. It’s not optimal, but it IS better then nothing and if I hadn’t shown up I couldn’t have learned those things .

The reason almost anyone makes progress with anything is they don’t just show up on the good days. But everyday anyone can show up, IS a good day


“Fitness Fads” – Why Online Training Isn’t One Of Them

Pandemic or not online training is here to stay.

Q: Don’t you have to go to the gym to get into shape?
A: No. It doesn’t matter where the work gets put in, it just has to happen.


Lower Stress During the Holidays!

Keep it simple and make your holidays more enjoyable with these tips!


Casual Friday


To this point in time I’ve been a personal trainer for 12 years. In those 12 years I’ve worked with countless people who have had desk/sedentary jobs that have been vastly different as people but they all have had a few things in common. When I show them things they could do at work to help negate the sitting and just feel better the same thing gets said in a lot of different ways.

“That never occurred to me.”
“I would never think to do that.”
“I always forget about it.”

As a society the majority of people sit WAY to much.

Driving to work.
All day at work.
Driving home.
Sitting once home again because they’re tired from working all day.

What can I do today to help feel better?

  1. Find ways throughout the day to get up and move and help alleviate the pain and stress you get from sitting to long.
  2. If at all possible get a standing desk or a stability ball to sit on to get you more upright.
  3. Make it a point to get up as much as possible even if it’s to do the smallest thing and not the exercises I have outlined below.

Be sure to check out the video below that will show you 3 things you should be doing everyday ESPECIALLY if you sit for work! After the video below that I have each exercise shown broken down in still images.