Tackling Anxiety & Depression

Exercise & nutrition is the number one thing you can do to lower your anxiety and improve depression. Dogs are likely a close second 😉

When you’re not eating properly, you don’t have energy and don’t feel well. You’re probably crabby because you’re less active and not sleeping how you’d like. You don’t look and feel how you want to feel and don’t like how your body feels and are reminded of it on a consistent basis all day everyday. Some people cope with this by eating more garbage food and making things worse, only perpetuating what’s already taking place. On the OTHER hand, when you eat well, work out and are consistent your WHOLE paradigm shifts. You have more energy, you feel good, you’re not constipated, your stomach doesn’t bother you. You like the look of the reflection in the mirror, you’re more out going. If you have kids you’re imparting healthy habits on them to help them lead successful lives.

Everything good or bad adds up. You’re in more control then you think and can pick and choose more then you think. Make the choices count 🙂