Lead By Example

Teach Your Kids How To Be Fit, Healthy & Flourish!

Your behavior is being observed, whether you realize it or not. If you have kids you’re establishing their life’s trajectory with the choices YOU make. Enable their success, don’t set them up for failure.

Even if you don’t have kids you still have an audience, your actions still have an impact. You just might not have as curious onlookers and hype man as me 😉.

Make the changes today to live the life of your dreams for tomorrow. Ask me how


Do you have someone who looks up to you?

People wonder why I’m so adamant about doing things to be healthy. Feeling better, having more energy, and just projecting that towards your loved ones makes it pretty easy to be happy.

What do you want people to associate with you?

Show them what healthy looks like.

Get started today 👇

Articles on Fitness

Stability – The most overlooked aspect of working out.

If you drive faster than you can stop, you’ll crash.

If you produce more force than you can stabilize, you’ll get hurt.

The 🔑 to strength is stability. It’s an often overlooked area. It’s not the only thing to work on, but usually the most neglected.

If you’re in pain you can’t get rid of or are working out and it’s painful that could be why 🤓.

If you’re not sure where to start with your stability let me know!

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Before and After

Pain Relief -Your body is the ultimate feedback tool!

I started training Sarah after she had gone to the Dr. and been told to take Aleve for their hip pain and that they were just getting old. They had been trying to lose bodyfat and get out of pain for a long time with no luck. One month after their post above they’re out of pain completely, and back into clothes they never thought they’d wear again.

Why? Because they started training with me and I took all of the guesswork out of it for them. They were in pain for a reason. They weren’t losing bodyfat for a reason. We changed that together with their fitness & nutrition plan and she got where she wanted to go.

If there’s something you’ve been struggling with don’t be afraid to reach out to finally get over the hump!

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No More Excuses – Only Results

All jokes aside with the video, I mean what I say. If you’re after REAL results and are tired of the bs you’ve been doing with then reach out! Time is going to pass anyways, let’s put it to the best use possible. You can live the life you want and get to the goals you’re after, we just have to start.

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