Keep Showing Up

There will generally always be chaos and you’ll probably have some fire to put out somewhere. Things will almost never be optimal. But if you continue to do what you can you’ll be surprised at how far that can take you.

Have you said any of these?

1. I just don’t know if now is the right time.

Well, when IS the right time to feel better and improve your health ? Perhaps during a pandemic?

2. Once I get through this week things will be better.

Sometimes this can be true, maybe it’s a finals week, you’re moving, or some hit the fan but if it’s just a blip on the map that’s no big deal. Otherwise most people say this and then repeat it…indefinitely.

3. Tomorrow/next week I’ll start.

The future can’t be “magical” if you don’t choose to make changes.

4. I can only be all or nothing.

Something will ALWAYS be better then nothing. Again, nothings usually perfect hence the pictures I posted with this. But I’ve learned a lot the past couple months with a nasty wrist sprain that I’m still battling. It’s not optimal, but it IS better then nothing and if I hadn’t shown up I couldn’t have learned those things .

The reason almost anyone makes progress with anything is they don’t just show up on the good days. But everyday anyone can show up, IS a good day