FREE Quarantine 14 Day Fitness Challenge!

Having to keep away from the gym during a quarantine is NOT fun OR good for your health and fitness goals! To help combat this and not having gym access I’m offering a FREE Quarantine 14 Day Fitness Challenge!

This challenge will primarily be built around body weight exercise because that is what the masses will have at their disposal! The challenge is 100% FREE! All I’m asking for is if you’re able to is to donate to an animal rescue named Ruff Start Rescue. You don’t have to donate to do the challenge, but anything donated to their non profit would be greatly appreciated.

In order to do the challenge I will need you to go to my website and fill out the application which includes the TERMS & CONDITIONS, WAVIER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY & PRIVACY POLICY. (By doing this challenge you acknowledge you’re doing this under your free will and I am not forcing you 🙂 I will also need you to join my facebook group No More Excuses for updates, and any help with trouble shooting the app, and exercise questions! (LINKS BELOW)

*Cut off to sign up is March 21st.
*Challenge Starts March 23rd!
*Challenge Ends April 6th!

  1. (Ruff Start Rescue – Animal Rescue Non Profit)
  2. (Website Application)
  3. (Facebook Group)

​Make sure to share this with anyone who could use some help staying in shape during this quarantine and loves pets!