Before and After

Think Again

Nine weeks isn’t a crazy amount of time.

This person got about 35 workouts in that time with these results in those 9 weeks. They hadn’t been working out and we had to start slow and iron out some imbalances before we could start going harder. They ate to much at times and to little at others. They also kept trying, kept improving and are really hitting their stride now. I’m excited to post a comparison in another 3 months showing how much further they’ve come at that point!

They did this all with limited time while working 3 jobs.

You don’t need a crazy amount of equipment to get started and see results! You can see how much more upright they’re already and while only about 2lbs lighter they’ve dropped SEVERAL inches!

(They also didn’t think I’d seriously use a picture of Saweetie to cover their face. But I’m a man of my word)

NOTE: This person gave me permission to post these photos, including permission to allow her face to be visible.