Before and After

Am I too old or injured to workout? NO!

When I say that one of my MAJOR STRENGTHS is adapting training to work around injuries, limitations and/or current deficiencies. I’m NOT kidding!

​ ✔ This young man is 87 years old, and a cancer survivor!

✔ His wife wanted him to workout so he didn’t “start looking like an old man.”

✔ He wanted to start training with me because he wanted to improve and didn’t like the fact he didn’t feel as able bodied the last 6 months.

✔ When we first met he told me he got polio right before the vaccine came out so somethings just took “longer.” Your mindset is everything.

✔ At a time when most people WELL before 87 pack it in here he is out there kicking ass!

✔ He feels better, is stronger, and is already MUCH steadier!

✔ He found me on google! Normally that’s NOT a big deal but he’s 87! He’s adapted and been open to learning new things as he’s aged.

✔ Fitness has different stages. This man wants more years, independence and quality of life. My only wish is I would have met him even sooner!

Be truthful. What do YOU want out of your health? 🤔