Before and After

What are your PERCEIVED obstacles VS your REAL obstacles?

What does it take for someone to realize their obstacles were not as REAL/BIG as they thought before?

The person I am pictured with hadn’t allowed anyone to take their picture in 10yrs! Yet when I asked them if I could and post about it, they said absolutely! They decided as of Jan 1st to get their life back and dropped from 480lbs to 441lbs. We have dropped another 12lbs the past 2 weeks training in person and online to help hold them even more accountable and they feel A LOT better already. If you have thought to yourself for quite some time I really need to workout, or lose this 10, 20, 30, 50, 80lbs, etc… get on it! Time is going to pass anyways you may as well put it to the best use possible.

Sometimes all it takes is ONE decision and at least ONE person believing in you to realize your biggest obstacle will always be YOU!