Exercise Tutorials Trainer Tip Tuesday

Shoulder External Rotation for the WIN!

Learn a mobility and strength exercise to enhance your shoulder mobility, increase shoulder strength/function and reduce pain!

Exercise Tutorials

Balance and Stability – One Exercise and two progressions to FIRE those glutes!

Check out this 1 exercise to get your glutes to fire and enhance your balance! Another exercise to add into your toolbox that you’re currently not doing!

Exercise Tutorials

Loosen up your back with 2 EASY Exercises you can do DAILY!

Check out these 2 effective exercises you can do every day to help improve function, performance, mobility and posture!

Exercise Tutorials

Increase Your Elbow, Wrist, and Forearm Health with One Exercise!

Here is an exercise that MOST people overlook and could really benefit from if done regularly. Sometimes when people have wrist, forearm or elbow pain it’s from stiffness, a lack of range of motion and/or weakness. This easy to do exercise will address all of those issues and help improve your grip strength.

Exercise Tutorials

Accountability – Why it’s such a BIG DEAL!

Personal training in any format, 1 on 1, small group, or online is a lot more than just the right program design for your goals. Accountability and motivation come into play just as much as program design for most people whose biggest issue is never sticking to anything and lack those 2 things. Contact me today to discuss your options!

Exercise Tutorials

Coordination & Core Strength Boost – One Tennis Ball Required

There are so many neglected things when it comes to fitness. One of them that can easily be worked in but isn’t often is eye hand coordination. Check out this weeks video to boost not only your eye hand coordination but your core strength as well.

Exercise Tutorials

Learn how to do the SIDE SKATER & two advanced variations!

Improve your agility, balance, stability and stamina by working on your side skater progression. Pick the progression level you’re at from entry level to an advanced variation and get after it!

Exercise Tutorials

Two Rotator Cuff Muscles, One Band. A more time efficient way to build rotator cuff training into your program design!

One of the most neglected areas of someones programming is often their rotator cuff. Consistently training your rotator cuff is super important just like any other muscle group. While people might be consistently training other muscle groups this continues to create more and more of an imbalance between the muscle groups and will cause issues down the road. Give this exercise a try to build into your programming to achieve better results!

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Exercise Tutorials

The 3 Best Thoracic Mobility Drills

Almost all of us lack mobility in our spines and hips and could greatly benefit from a few simple exercises. Below I’ve put together 3 different ways in 3 different positions to gain that mobility throughout our thoracic spine and our hips. You can do all of these with just body weight! I’ve included options with dumbbells and a steel mace for those looking to enhance the movement even more!

Try adding a version of each of these to the warm ups in your workout. Do them consistently and you will FEEL and SEE a difference in how you move!

Things to remember
Work both sides evenly.
Encourage increased mobility by pausing at each end range.
Sets of 10 or more a side works best.

Kneeling Thoracic Mobility Drill!

  1. Start by kneeling and choose a leg to put in front.
  2. If I choose my L leg in front I will put my R hand behind my head.
  3. Reach your elbow down to your foot as far as you can go.
  4. As you lift back up sit up tall and extend back as far as you can while you rotate.
  5. You have the option of keeping the hand on the head or letting go and reaching back with a straight arm.

Prone Thoracic Mobility Drill With 3 Variations!

  1. Laying flat on your stomach with hands and feet both at “10 and 2 o’clock.”
  2. Lift your hand up and reach back as far as you can extend and rotate.
  3. Pause there for a moment. (No matter what variation you’re doing.)
  4. You can alternate sides or do one side at a time.
  5. Make sure your feet remain touching the ground even when they rotate!

If you find any of these to be painful or to advanced you can start with the Can Opener!

  1. Pull your knees towards your chest at 90 degrees.
  2. Put one arm directly out in front of you and glue it to the ground. (At 3 or 9 o’clock)
  3. Keep knees held together.
  4. The arm not in front of you will reach back to the “3 or 9 o’clock,” pause for second and repeat.

Lunge Thoracic Mobility Drills!

  1. Start by doing a reverse lunge. (Make 2 90 degree angles with your legs with your front foot flat on the ground and the weight on your heel.)
  2. If I leave my R leg in front I will reach (extend and rotate) with my R hand going behind my head.
  3. Pause there for a moment. (No matter what variation you’re doing.)
  4. You can alternate sides or do one side at a time.
  5. As you lift back up sit up tall and extend back as far as you can while you rotate.

Casual Friday


To this point in time I’ve been a personal trainer for 12 years. In those 12 years I’ve worked with countless people who have had desk/sedentary jobs that have been vastly different as people but they all have had a few things in common. When I show them things they could do at work to help negate the sitting and just feel better the same thing gets said in a lot of different ways.

“That never occurred to me.”
“I would never think to do that.”
“I always forget about it.”

As a society the majority of people sit WAY to much.

Driving to work.
All day at work.
Driving home.
Sitting once home again because they’re tired from working all day.

What can I do today to help feel better?

  1. Find ways throughout the day to get up and move and help alleviate the pain and stress you get from sitting to long.
  2. If at all possible get a standing desk or a stability ball to sit on to get you more upright.
  3. Make it a point to get up as much as possible even if it’s to do the smallest thing and not the exercises I have outlined below.

Be sure to check out the video below that will show you 3 things you should be doing everyday ESPECIALLY if you sit for work! After the video below that I have each exercise shown broken down in still images.