Casual Friday


To this point in time I’ve been a personal trainer for 12 years. In those 12 years I’ve worked with countless people who have had desk/sedentary jobs that have been vastly different as people but they all have had a few things in common. When I show them things they could do at work to help negate the sitting and just feel better the same thing gets said in a lot of different ways.

“That never occurred to me.”
“I would never think to do that.”
“I always forget about it.”

As a society the majority of people sit WAY to much.

Driving to work.
All day at work.
Driving home.
Sitting once home again because they’re tired from working all day.

What can I do today to help feel better?

  1. Find ways throughout the day to get up and move and help alleviate the pain and stress you get from sitting to long.
  2. If at all possible get a standing desk or a stability ball to sit on to get you more upright.
  3. Make it a point to get up as much as possible even if it’s to do the smallest thing and not the exercises I have outlined below.

Be sure to check out the video below that will show you 3 things you should be doing everyday ESPECIALLY if you sit for work! After the video below that I have each exercise shown broken down in still images.