Exercise Tutorials

Two Oblique Exercises You’ve Never Done Before!

Want abs? 🤔

Try these 2 twists on oblique training you haven’t tried before!

Band Pikes w/Rotation😱

  1. Start in a pushup position with your feet in the band. As you tuck your knees to your chest rotate as much as you can pulling your knees to the outside of your elbow.
  2. Band Side Plank w/Rotation + Knee Tuck 💥
    Get into your regular side plank postion. Take your top arm and reach as far as you can under your body like you’re hugging yourself. At the same time pull your knees to your chest, pause for a second, then repeat.

​These exercises are classics in suspension trainers/TRXs, but don’t offer the same challenge or fluidity that using bands to do it does. The engagement you get in your core by having to physically pull your feet to your chest against resistance along with the rotation it allows makes this a unique “twist” 😉.