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Think Again

Nine weeks isn’t a crazy amount of time.

This person got about 35 workouts in that time with these results in those 9 weeks. They hadn’t been working out and we had to start slow and iron out some imbalances before we could start going harder. They ate to much at times and to little at others. They also kept trying, kept improving and are really hitting their stride now. I’m excited to post a comparison in another 3 months showing how much further they’ve come at that point!

They did this all with limited time while working 3 jobs.

You don’t need a crazy amount of equipment to get started and see results! You can see how much more upright they’re already and while only about 2lbs lighter they’ve dropped SEVERAL inches!

(They also didn’t think I’d seriously use a picture of Saweetie to cover their face. But I’m a man of my word)

NOTE: This person gave me permission to post these photos, including permission to allow her face to be visible.


Keep Showing Up

There will generally always be chaos and you’ll probably have some fire to put out somewhere. Things will almost never be optimal. But if you continue to do what you can you’ll be surprised at how far that can take you.

Have you said any of these?

1. I just don’t know if now is the right time.

Well, when IS the right time to feel better and improve your health ? Perhaps during a pandemic?

2. Once I get through this week things will be better.

Sometimes this can be true, maybe it’s a finals week, you’re moving, or some hit the fan but if it’s just a blip on the map that’s no big deal. Otherwise most people say this and then repeat it…indefinitely.

3. Tomorrow/next week I’ll start.

The future can’t be “magical” if you don’t choose to make changes.

4. I can only be all or nothing.

Something will ALWAYS be better then nothing. Again, nothings usually perfect hence the pictures I posted with this. But I’ve learned a lot the past couple months with a nasty wrist sprain that I’m still battling. It’s not optimal, but it IS better then nothing and if I hadn’t shown up I couldn’t have learned those things .

The reason almost anyone makes progress with anything is they don’t just show up on the good days. But everyday anyone can show up, IS a good day

Before and After

What do you know about “Good Avalanches?”

If you workout right now or even if you haven’t started yet lets pretend you workout 5 days a week. Well in month 1 you’re working out 5 days a week and say in month 3 it’s still 5 days a week. Lets say in month 6 and month 12 it’s STILL 5 days a week.

So here’s the deal. You’re not working out MORE time in this scenario but your work capacity/what you can get done in a workout increases along with your resting metabolism by us adding lean muscle tissue from month 1 to month 12 SIGNIFICANTLY!

Why should you care?

You should care because that “good avalanche” of work capacity allowing you to do more, and more, and more will get you into MUCH better shape over time. As it picks up speed it picks up more and more speed. Your workouts become progressively more intense overtime allowing your body continued success. Allowing you to cover A LOT more ground in the same amount of time in the future!
When you see good results without being “perfect” in the first few months and feel so much better already KNOW that the best is yet to come!

(This person trains with me online and was by no means perfect during this 3 month time frame. We even started out slow and had some hiccups. They started though, and have gotten better and better and in 3 MORE months it’ll be light years different 🙂 )

NOTE: This person gave me permission to post these photos, including permission to allow her face to be visible.

Before and After

What are your PERCEIVED obstacles VS your REAL obstacles?

What does it take for someone to realize their obstacles were not as REAL/BIG as they thought before?

The person I am pictured with hadn’t allowed anyone to take their picture in 10yrs! Yet when I asked them if I could and post about it, they said absolutely! They decided as of Jan 1st to get their life back and dropped from 480lbs to 441lbs. We have dropped another 12lbs the past 2 weeks training in person and online to help hold them even more accountable and they feel A LOT better already. If you have thought to yourself for quite some time I really need to workout, or lose this 10, 20, 30, 50, 80lbs, etc… get on it! Time is going to pass anyways you may as well put it to the best use possible.

Sometimes all it takes is ONE decision and at least ONE person believing in you to realize your biggest obstacle will always be YOU!

Before and After

Am I too old or injured to workout? NO!

When I say that one of my MAJOR STRENGTHS is adapting training to work around injuries, limitations and/or current deficiencies. I’m NOT kidding!

​ ✔ This young man is 87 years old, and a cancer survivor!

✔ His wife wanted him to workout so he didn’t “start looking like an old man.”

✔ He wanted to start training with me because he wanted to improve and didn’t like the fact he didn’t feel as able bodied the last 6 months.

✔ When we first met he told me he got polio right before the vaccine came out so somethings just took “longer.” Your mindset is everything.

✔ At a time when most people WELL before 87 pack it in here he is out there kicking ass!

✔ He feels better, is stronger, and is already MUCH steadier!

✔ He found me on google! Normally that’s NOT a big deal but he’s 87! He’s adapted and been open to learning new things as he’s aged.

✔ Fitness has different stages. This man wants more years, independence and quality of life. My only wish is I would have met him even sooner!

Be truthful. What do YOU want out of your health? 🤔

Exercise Tutorials

How can I work my lower body with an arm injury?

If you have tendinitis or any arm injury dead lifting or holding weight might not be possible right now. You also might be doing at home workouts and need a way to make it harder. Check out this awesome option to challenge your body while your on the mend or away from other options!

Exercise Tutorials

Find Your Workaround!

In this video I’m breaking down a great exercise for your hip and mid back mobility and how you could alter it to fit your CURRENT fitness levels or limitations. This is what I will principally apply to all my clients.

Find out what someones current limitations/fitness level is.
Meet people where they’re at, & make it work for them!

If you have an exercise or goal you’re trying to breakdown and need another set of eyes on it I know a guy who could help!

Exercise Tutorials Trainer Tip Tuesday

Improve your fitness with Scooters!

When furniture sliders won’t do from a lack of carpet and you can’t use a suspension trainer look no further to improve your fitness then a scooter!

Exercise Tutorials Trainer Tip Tuesday

At Home Program Solutions!

Don’t have heavy enough weights or enough resistance at home? Check out these programming solutions to make light weights “heavy.”

Exercise Tutorials

Low Tech/High Effect – Just Slide With Me!

Even when this pandemic is over furniture sliders will still be a great workout option for you. In the video below I’m demoing 10 different exercises you can do with them. There are SO many options with these!